Thursday, May 31, 2012

Answered Prayer

I think the prayer I've prayed most since becoming a parent was that my kids would know Christ at an early age. I didn't have a magic age figured in my head, I just hoped and prayed that the Holy Spirit would speak to them sooner rather than later -realizing that the stats tell us that it is much more likely that someone accept Christ before the age of 16 than after.

To be honest, whether I prayed the prayer out of fear that my children never call on the name of the Lord or out of genuine concern for their eternal soul and a life surrendered here on earth, I can't tell you. Maybe it was a little of both. Thankfully God saw my heart (which I sometimes have a hard time adequately putting into words) and He welcomed them both into His "family" early on in life.

For Savannah it was right before her fifth birthday. She had been asking questions about sin and eternity and living for Jesus. She knew she was a sinner. She knew she needed a Savior. I remember sitting in the living room of our home in Gunter, Texas, rejoicing that she had accepted the precious gift of Jesus (Romans 2:8-9). And now, our prayer as parents is that we lead her in discipleship, so that she in turn can disciple others.

Tucker made a very confident decision regarding Christ on April 15, 2012. At six and a half years old, and questioning for months and months, we knew the time was getting near that he would be ready to begin his relationship with Christ. Bruce and I were careful not to push him into making a decision and relied on the Holy Spirit to prompt Tucker's questions. Savannah on the other hand had other ways of making sure Tucker knew he needed Jesus. She offered him bribes if he would accept Christ...things like, I'll do your chores for 2 weeks if you get saved, or if you will go talk to mom and dad about Jesus, I'll give you a dollar. Needless to say her enthusiasm was stiffled when we got wind of her tactics! Even so, she was genuinely concerned to the point of putting him on her Sunday School prayer list in October of 2011(thanks to Linda Baker and Linda West for encouraging her over the long months of waiting for her prayer to be answered and for praying with her) So, on Sunday afternoon of April 15, when Tucker approached me with what I knew was an attitude of true concern and repentance, I was excited for both my kids. For Tucker...beginning his walk with Christ....and for Savannah recognizing the power of prayer.

I'm thankful God answered my prayer of salvation for my kids. I know they will have questions as they grow in their walk with the Lord. I know that they don't understand fully what Christ has done for us (but really, do any of us??) I know that at their ages they couldn't possibly know the depth and breadth of His love and forgiveness for them....but again, do any of us really understand that?

So what's my prayer now? There are many....that Bruce and I would demonstrate Jesus to them daily, that we would disciple their very teachable spirits, that they would share their faith with others as opportunities arise and that they would follow God all the days of their lives. I'm grateful for a God that can accomplish all these things through them.

Thank you Lord...for answered prayer.

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