Thursday, February 5, 2015

50 Shades of Dishonor

I like what Andy Stanley says, "If you miscalculate in your checkbook ledger, that's a mistake. If you have an affair, that's sin." Sometimes we confuse "mistakes" with "sin"...there's a difference.

I NEVER...or almost never jump on the bandwagon and point out particulars in our culture that I disagree with. Mainly because I am sickened by the pompous "Christian" culture that so many of these issues are laced with. But today, I'm throwing caution to the wind and begging you not to support the 50 Shades...of dishonor movie.

There are many reasons that I won't see it.  There's the sultry commercials that indicate it is full of unmarried sex which Biblical and cultural statistics say is unhealthy for long-lasting marriage. There's the basis of abuse which should make every woman rise up in bold and angry disdain. There's the fact that this man would view intimacy as a game of manipulation. And so many....many many more reasons...

But as a Christian...who does go to the movies...I cannot see this movie because of this....

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. - Philippians 4:8

You see....these images will be ingrained in your mind FOREVER. Much like the scene from a popular horror film (Children of the Corn)  I saw as a child and will never ever be able to forget....the images in 50 Shades...images of sensuality that were originally meant to be a lovely, God-honoring act, will be left as cheap, erotic images in your mind. 

And it won't be a will be sin. It's not like our whole nation doesn't know what's coming. We know. Every morning talk show is covering it. The news is antsy with anticipation. Magazines at the checkout are full of backstories and tips on spicing up your marriage. It was on the New York Best Seller list for 20 weeks...And society is sadly...excited. But as a Christian do we care about what God says about these things??....are these things true...according to scripture? are they honorable...according to scripture? are they just...according to scripture? are they pure...according to scripture? are they lovely....according to scripture? are they commendable....according to scripture? are they excellent...according to scripture? are they worthy of our praise...according to scripture?

I hope I'm hearing a resounding NO. Then why would I spend a couple of hours of my time, fully engrossed in capturing images into my mind....when they have no reason to be there. Why glorify sin? Why cheapen my marriage? Why discolor the beauty of sex in marriage by making something less that holy the standard for fulfillment? Why dishonor my husband by thinking of another man in a way that is full of lust and desire? Why allow for feelings of discontent to flood into our marriages? 

Listen....I'm not preaching to the unsaved....I'm talking to those who know better....those who for reasons of entertainment, or girls night out, or ladies night will go see this movie...and the next day or week be sitting in our churches and in our homes wondering why we feel so disconnected to our husbands. Wondering why we feel dirty. Wondering why I feel ashamed. Wondering why my heart and soul found the need to engage willfully in the pleasure of sin for a season. Don't do it. Don't allow ungodliness to be your standard. Don't allow for the devil to pervert God's gift of sex in marriage. Don't allow erotica and dishonor and abuse and impurity to cloud the beauty of what God has given you with your own husband. 

And for single girls....PLEASE....don't lose your purity over this movie...because purity is lost in way more ways than the sexual act. Save yourself...every part of you....your eyes....your ears...your body...for the one God is preparing for you. God has something pure and holy ready for you within His plan. He loves you enough to have established a standard that would both protect you, bring you great joy and satisfied your God given desire to love another person completely. He has someone waiting for you! Don't spoil yourself. Don't bring 50 Shades actors into your future marriage. 

The mind is powerful. Images stay with us forever. God knew that...and that's why He said to be careful of what we spend out time thinking about. It's for our protection and ultimately His glory. Glorify God in your marriage and your mind. Don't go see 50 Shades. Don't cheapen what God created to be beautiful.

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