Saturday, May 31, 2014

When You Share What You Know

When you share what you know...

1. You teach

2. You encourage

3. You motivate

4. You inspire

5. You help

6. You give peace

7. You give understanding

8. You promote oneness

9. You are generous

10. You make yourself vulnerable

11. You mentor

12. You bless

13. You give wisdom

14. You help prevent problems

15. You show the way

16. You lead

17. You comfort

18. You give insight

19. You calm fears

20. You  _________________.

I was blessed this week by a group of homeschool moms that made time to get together and share what they know about teaching and parenting. I can't tell you everything I much more than I imagined...even to some degree so much more than I can even completely comprehend. I'm still sorting through the wealth of advice, encouragement, curriculum and ideas that we exchanged. I'm beginning my 8th year of homeschool and find myself still needing the blessing of friends who walk this road too.

Whether you homeschool or not isn't really the point of this post...It's sharing what you know. When we are selfish and keep what we know a secret for whatever reason, we rob others of the wisdom God has given us through our own life experiences. You never know who will hear your story and be inspired and motivated. Let's be a people that is eager to share with those around you. Stingy people don't get nearly the satisfaction and fulfillment that generous people do.

Be generous. Share.

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