Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Krusteaz Cookie Mix Snickerdoodle 17.5 oz

I wasn't raised on this cookie..I tasted my first one in my early 20's (from scratch) 
and then again I found it in my late thirties...I know...

I am sure that you might have a made from scratch recipe that is awesome....but I've tasted Mammy's snickerdoodles....and nothing really compared to its awesomeness until...
Last Christmas when I was making a quick pass through at Big Lots and came across this...and thought to myself....why not? For $1.67? Sure, I'll try it. 

And here's what I found...

A moist, chewy, delightful cookie. 

I liked it so much I sent Bruce back for 6 boxes. 

Is it Mammy's??? ....well of course not...
nothing will be as good as that....but it's pretty close!

Whipped up a batch today....aren't they pretty???
Sure wish you could smell their cinnamon fragrance!
Now...Go get you some!

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