Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tom Sawyer and My Own Handful of a Boy

My mother in law bought Tucker the book "Tom Sawyer". The abridged version, but still.

Tucker was fascinated by her own personal testimony of how the boy reminded her of himself and that she was sure he would LOVE it. Grandma.of.the.year.

So now we are 6-8 chapters in and Tucker wants nothing more than to spend his entire school day reading the tales..the tall tales of Tom Sawyer. And I wonder just how healthy this is, for a boy like Tuck to be hearing the prankings of a boy much like himself. We already struggle with his insatiable desire to trap his parents, scare his sister and prank call his grandmother (yes...the same one that he got the book from....perhaps she is bringing some of this on herself???)

I love Tucker's creativity, his humor and his laughter. He truly is a boy after my own heart. And on days while he's acting more like Tom than Tuck, and I think he might not make it to 18, I don't even things about stopping to list all his wonderful qualities, his unique abilities and his God-given gifts--I'm doing good just to stay afloat...alive...untrapped!

My heart may be more drawn today than most to think of my son in a sweeter sense. A recent suicidal tragedy hit our small town and it probably has all the momma's holding their boys a little closer and more fondly. All the silly tricks and prankings and messes and forts and traps and dirty projects Tucker brings to our family would be welcomed to a mother who lost her son. So today as I watch over my own, these precious treasures God has given me, I hope I'll remember how quickly these days will pass and instead of being exasperated by boyish shenanigans that I'll embrace these fun times with less worry, more love and patience and an extra helping of hand sanitizer. Because there's a mom out there today and every day that won't get that chance.

Praying for a momma I don't even know as she walks these hard hard days. May her sweet memories of her son bring her some joy in the future and in the time in-between may she be drawn to a peace that exceeds anything her heart has ever know....First peace with God, then the peace of God.

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