Thursday, February 23, 2012


I've had a cold for about a week. There were moments that I wondered if I was going to make it...but don't panic- I'm still here. I'm miserable. I've taken a box of cold and sinus medicine, used a box of kleenex at home and at school, haven't slept good in a couple of nights and I'm tired of coughing. But probably what is most irritating is that my ears are a little stopped up so everything sounds muffled.

Now...before you think this is a post about complaining...don't go. Because you know there's going to be some sort of point...or at least I hope.

This cold has been distracting. I kinda feel like I've just been existing throughout the day. I'm functioning at the bare know...the house is a wreck, laundry is starting to look like Mt. St. Helens, meal planning was at an all time low this week, I THINK I bathed the kids sometime this week (ok..seriously, I did), I've laid around more than I've moved and to prove I'm not making rational decisions, there's a blow up mattress in the living room that is being treated as a trampoline by the kids. It's out of control.

The real tragedy is that while this is a very physical example, the same thing has been going on in my spiritual life lately. I've been distracted, unable to focus and the Lord's voice has been a bit muffled in my ear. It's weird because I know why and I've known how to fix it, but for a full two days I didn't. It's kind of like being sick and knowing that you need medicine but refusing to take it. I'm so proud. I was full of myself thinking I could fix this muffled sound myself.

You see Christ is the Great Physician. Matt. 14:14 gives us one of many examples of Him physically healing the sick. But more than any kind of physical healing I need, I need Jesus to heal all these broken and sickening parts of my flesh that cry out for attention. I found the medicine I needed for's the same thing He's prescribed anytime I was spiritually sick...Psalms 107:20 He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. Isn't that beautiful? He has given us the healing we need through HIS Word. And that's exactly when I started feeling better spiritually, when I took the time to get into His Word and see what He had to say about things. 

I feel foolish for being lazy and avoiding the spiritual meds that Christ has given me at my disposal. So don't be like me...don't be stubborn or fleshly or lazy or self absorbed or . If you're struggling....go get the healing you need from His Word. Don't pretend you can handle it on your own. Don't waste two days of your life feeling sorry for yourself, feeling down or even feeling like no one understands. Don't believe your friends or alcohol or food or anything else can make it better. It can't. Those things weren't created to heal. Only Jesus. get rid of this pesky cold.

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Jamie said...

Good stuff Gina. Thanks for the reminder, I will be spending some quiet time in Psalm tonight.