Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February: Something or Another's Update

Updates are in yellow. Many of the goals are continuous from month to month.

1. Revamp current filing system for bills and important papers. Clean out ones we don't need and keep up with the filing on a daily basis so it never gets out of hand.  Completed on January 2

2. Eat out less. Ate out 6 of 93 meals....that's drastically different from any month in the last year. 

3. Grow a container garden (yard gardening doesn't work for me since my yard is so shaded...been there, done that, wasted a ton of money...and was very sad). 

4. Weekly Random Acts of Kindness with my kids. Savannah took brownies to share with her friends at AWANA.

5. Read from the Jesus Storybook Bible every night with the kids. 

6. Find a hairstyle that I actually like. Don't laugh if you see me experimenting...LOL! Decided to perm my hair and I like it much better....we will see how long it lasts...the liking and the perm.

7. Pray for Bruce more.

8. Live more healthy...meaning make more decisions in the right direction than the wrong. Since January 2 I have not bought a 2 liter diet coke. I have had diet coke when we have eaten out at a restaurant and at school I have had some....overall a huge change of habit. The eating out less has helped with the Diet Coke addiction and with the healthier eating. Even most of the recipes I'm making are altered to be slightly more healthy than normal. Down 5 pounds. 

9. Keep track of and write my first 1000 gifts using the app on my iPhone UPDATE: I have my first 90 done

10. Visit the shut-ins from church more. 

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