Friday, February 17, 2012

God at Work

Just like in construction, when God is working...

- It can be a muddy mess
- Progress can be slow
- You might not understand the necessary fixes that need to be done
- Much of the needed repairs happen where no one else will see them...but they will benefit from them.
- It might feel like He's busting up concrete...painful for the surface but good for the end result
- As the new materials are brought in, things start looking better, but still not finished
- Unlike patching up or temporarily fixing something, new construction is stronger, more secure

Let's face it, in a walk with Christ we are constantly under construction. He's making us into who He wants us to be...if we are willing. If you're like me though, sometimes I struggle against these beautiful changes He wants to make, thinking my construction is better. How foolish! I'm thankful that God's patient and willing to work with me again and again. He's the master foreman and until He returns....He's not finished with me yet!

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