Friday, October 2, 2009

Packing and Moving Tips

Over the last 16 years of my life I have moved 9 times...moving into our new home in just a week or so, will be #10. Whether you're moving across town, across state or across country, there are certain tips that, if implemented correctly, will help save you time, energy and broken dishes.

Here's what I've learned:

  • As much as possible use the same size boxes. This makes packing the moving truck much easier.
  • As you pack, have a bag for throw away and give away handy.
  • Use your local FREECYCLE to get rid of unwanted, good conditioned items. Google for your local group. They will pick the items up at your front door. Saves valuable time.
  • Wrap your dishes and place them in a box standing up. I heard this once and gave it a try and in 9 moves have never had a dish break in or two have broken in the unpacking process :)!
  • On the outside of the box write what the item is and what room it will go in at your new house so that helpful box boys can take it there directly.
  • In boxes that have china or glassware, use bed pillows to top off the box so there is minimized room for shaking.
  • Pack/Transport lamps and pictures in your vehicle.
  • Use bed blankets, quilts to help cushion arround edges of furniture.
  • Throw all Happy Meal toys away...chances are you'll eat out enough during the first week of your move to replace any the kids miss.
  • Use your kitchen trash can to transport mops, brooms, swiffers....and other cumbersome cleaning apperatis.
  • Leave paint, extra tile/flooring/molding and specialty lightbulbs for the next owner. They will be glad to have the touch up paint and a few extra tile in case something happens.
  • Duct tape remote controls to the back of the TV
  • Ziplock and label baggies with nuts and bolts and duct tape to beds and other furniture requiring assembly at the new place.
  • Hire a couple of guys from your local moving company to come pack your truck if you are doing the moving yourself. You won't believe what they will be able to fit into a U-haul. ...and they work fast.
  • I've heard to leave your dressers packed and then saran wrap them closed. I don't know about this...all I can think of is something happening and one of my drawers flying open with unmentionables flying all over the place. I am sure that my source was reliable you'd probably be safe to try.
I'm sure there are more great moving tips out there...if you have one...please share!


Heart2Heart said...


Great tips! With so many people in the blogging world making their moves, this will definitely make things easier.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kathy said...

Those are all very good, and I can tell come from the voice of experience! Welcome home.