Thursday, March 5, 2015

Allergies, Paralysis and Snow

About three weeks ago I came down with a severe case of "allergies".

About 2 weeks ago I became paralyzed by exhaustion from the "allergies" (AKA coughing)

Then it snowed. Like three times in two weeks. In Texas.

So that's where I've been.

But I'm back now.

Because the snow is melting.

And the meds are working.

And I'm gaining energy every day.

I've even considered spring cleaning. Now don't get all excited....I'm not going all Martha Stewart spring cleaning....I'm just talking about maybe taking the cushions off the couch and giving them a good vacuuming or wiping down the walls around the light switches or maybe....maybe cleaning the stove. But don't hold me to any of that because....

What I really want to do is get out and plant some flowers and some veggies in my yard. I'm ready to start getting the pool cleaned up and the concrete bleached and the weeds pulled. It's time....hurry up spring.

I'm motivated at every change of season....and I really love fall and winter...but this year more than others I need to see new life, I need to see God's creation blooming, I need to see how He raises the dead to life and how the wilted and brittle landscaped are revived by His calendar. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that winter doesn't last forever. That new and beautiful life is just around the corner.

So if the winter blues....full of colds and flu and allergies and below freezing temperatures have you down....hold on...remember He makes all things new.....hope is on the way.

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