Monday, August 19, 2013

Ready, Set, School

While most kids are enjoying the last few dog days of summer vacation...and most teacher's are slowly moving in the direction of the classroom doors, my kids were begging to start school. Now, before anyone thinks that I believe this is because of all the creative and fun learning that I have planned for our first year homeschooling both kids, please don't think I'm that naive.

We've traveled the better part of the last five weeks. Between camps, a mini-vaca for the kids while Bruce and I were at a conference, a mission trip to Wyoming and my quick trip to Ga, I feel like I need to take a deep breath and just take a moment or two to enjoy unpacking the suitcase for the last time for a while.

But for the kids, they see it totally different. School pencils, new books, new folders, new markers, new new new. I remember being the same way as a kid. The fresh smell of new school supplies, even today, excites me just a little bit. A clean page to write on, a book binding not quite broken in yet, the smell of a new sharpie marker. I know...crazy.

So, last Friday when the kids were begging for the school year to begin, I gave in.

Science....earthquakes...oh my!

Keeping up and on track....BTW, have you seen the chalk markers?

Mom...this is pretty easy stuff. 

And today....after chores...and me falling down the den stairs (that will be a whole 'nother post...maybe) we began again...easing our way into the school year. We aren't going full force or even starting at a reasonable time yet....all that happens after Labor Day. We're excited...and today as we were talking about the Creation Story, I was reminded again why this is such a good fit for us. Yes, right before Tucker covered his ears to block out hearing how the woman was taken and formed out of man's ribs and let's not even breech the subject of their nakedness. Yes, that's when I remembered, I don't want to miss a moment of the good and the funny. Will it be laced with moments of frustrations and pulling hair out?....yep, but then I'll have a diet coke and a moment of prayer and things will be better. 

So however you school your kids, I hope you enjoy watching them learn as much as I do my own. The moments are going to fly by.....Ready! Set! School! 

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