Monday, April 9, 2012

After the Drought

Over the last few summers we have experienced a historical drought. In my little 1/2 acre of the world that means we lost 13 great pines...each over 150 feet tall, 10 boxwood shrubs and many perennials. It has been a sad thing to witness.

So today...I started in the front yard...planning, replanting, cultivating. Bruce and I had both worked last week to get the beds cleaned out and the last of the dead stuff pulled or cut out. Today began the new planting season. 

This guy was my little helper all day!
Red and yellow is our color scheme
This is Tucker's climbing tree. He picked the flowers to go under it!
Still need to mulch...maybe Friday?

An old birthbath turned flower container

I spray painted this bench from barn red to this grassy green color.
I hope to enjoy some time out here before it get's too hot!

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Jaime said...

LOVE the green bench & birdbath! Spring is here!!