Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I'm not sure if you're hearing Adele or Lionel when you hear me say "hello", but it really doesn't matter because I'm just about over the moon to be back in the blogosphere. The last 9 months have been full.. Full of a lot of things that to be honest, have been hard. I hope I've come out on the other side of things a better reflection of Christ. To be honest... I don't know why he bothers with me sometimes... An opinionated, strong willed, reflective, quick-witted daughter of His... Who hardly has things figure out at 43 years of age... But these last months have truly showed me a glimpse of the magnitude of His love for me. I hope to put into words how good He has been and how He's working things out for my good. I also hope to return to sharing motherhood stories, frantic menu planning, good reads, comedy from the parsonage and provide a good place for you to land to recharge and be reminded of how precious you are in the eyes of your creator..and of course with my transparency I'm hoping you feel better about the laundry, dishes and sock basket waiting on you!

See you soon! 

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