Friday, September 5, 2014

Pack it Up!

I am sitting in a house full of boxes. Wishing this house would pack itself. But that isn't going to happen and because I don't particularly like turning into Godzilla's wife, I am trying to pace this packing so that nobody has to see the ugly side of a stressed out wife and mom. One nice thing about this move is the kids are old enough to help some and we're trying to make a little bit of a game of it. So far they aren't hating me.

Here in my house of boxes, I'm trying to be very careful with what I fill each box with. I'm considering each item before it's placed in a I use it, need it, like it, want it???? Is it broken? Can it be fixed? Does it have a hole in it? Tear? Missing a button. Let's just face it....there's about half my current house that might have a tough time making the grade for the new (old) house. But I'm trying to save myself some time on the other end of the move. So with each item being considered. It either goes in the box, in the trash or in the garage sale/ give away pile. 

The same should be true as we evaluate ourselves. Sometimes we need a spiritual deep cleaning. Where we take the time to evaluate the things we are taking along with us as we journey in life. Have we filled our lives with things that have no real value...broken things, things we don't really love, things that weigh us down? In considering what we hold on to, are we tightly grasping things that are not good for us? It's time to let it go (cue Frozen music). God wants to fill our lives with so many things that are good and right. Things that will encourage us, others and help us to shine the light of His glory through us. But when our boxes are so full of us, and stuff (even kinda good stuff), and broken things, and trash and activities, it's hard to make room for the good stuff....and sometimes even when there is room it is so overshadowed by our own stuff and agendas and schedules that we can't see the good stuff for the bad stuff. 

As I pack up, I am feeling a freedom in chunking some of my stuff and I'm feeling excited to pass along some items for others to use too. And the stuff I am keeping...well it has meaning and value in my home. It's exciting to be able to really use and enjoy what you have....and the same is true spiritually speaking. Keep the good, discard the used up, broken and life-sucking stuff and share your abundance. 

Now...back to the boxes!

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