Monday, December 2, 2013

Nativity Blocks- Pinterest Success

A few months ago I saw a pretty easy wood block craft that I thought the kids and I could do together for some of our toddler aged friends. These nativity blocks were super fun and's our project in pictures:

I sent Bruce to Lowe's and asked him to buy me the largest 2X4 he could and after he paid for it, to have the cut the wood for me in the lumber department. This seemed doable and efficient in my head...but just so you know, Lowe's does not but wood in anything less that a 6 inch length. And since I needed 3 inch blocks this wasn't gonna work. So my sister in law asked the shop teacher at the high school if he would do it for me (I think I owe him some cookies) and he said "yes" so within 48 hours we had a basket full of 3 inch blocks that needed to be sanded.

After all the blocks we sanded, we took out our paints...all different colors, and painted each block...all sides.

Then we sanded the edges down to give them a little distressed look. Then we applied nativity stickers. I divided the nativity scene into 5-6 blocks and used the stickers in groups of 5-6.

After the stickers were applied I covered each block in modge podge just so the stickers would not peal off easily.

And there you have it. A pinterest success story!

Total Cost was $7.94 for the 2X4. I had all the other supplies.

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